Expanded metals are manufactured from steel sheets which are slit and expanded to form one continuous uniform-shaped mesh.

Available Material

  • Mild Steel
    Made from low carbon steel conforming to JIS G3I3I/SPHC. For non-corrosion, it can be hot – dipped galvanised to BS 729-1971 or powder-coated.

  • Aluminium
    Commercial Grade AA II00 (millfinish). Other grades of aluminium are also possible upon request.

  • Stainless Steel
    Usually produced from Grade SS 304 and SS 316.

  • Others
    Please check with our sales representative if you wish to use other materials for your expanded metal.

Sheet Sizes & Tolerance

Expanded metal comes in standard sheet size of 2440mm (SWM) x 1220 mm (LWM). Other sheet sizes are available upon request. We are the only manufacturer capable of producing sheets with long way mesh direction of 3100MM (LWM). Some light and micro meshes are supplied in roll for easy handling and storage. All sheet and roll sizes are subject to tolerance.

Product Benefits

  • Because there are no welds or joints, expanded metal operates as a structural member that distributes loads evenly over a wider area.

  • High strength-to-weight ratio makes it technically applicable in many engineering, industrial and ornamental applications. These include safety barricades against opposing traffic on applications. highways, walkways, drain grating, anti-vandal screens, and decorative fencing.

  • No loose strands or welds means minimal wear through constant exposure to natural elements or other normal movements.

  • Fire-resistant and vermin-proof, it also provides an anti-slip surface for ramps, catwalks and stair treads.

  • Allow good visibility and easy passage of air, heat, light and sound while ensuring security and protection.

  • Anti-corrosive when hot-dipped galvanised or powder-coated.

Specifications of Mesh Opening

The Long Way (LWM) of mesh opening is uniform, and the Short Way (SWM) is approximate only and is subject to variation depending on the strand width and material thickness. However, it may not generally alter the overall mesh type during manufacture.

  • SWM: From the sharp edge of the diamond to the next sharp edge

  • LWM: From the center of the knuckle to the center of the next knuckle

Ordering Procedure

When ordering Expanded Metals, provide complete profile specifications to avoid possible error. Please state:-

  • Reference number of mesh
  • Required thickness
  • Material
  • Sheet and roll dimension
  • Mesh direction on sheet sizes
  • Quantity

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